Strusin Dragon-WSR501 (رزین پلی کربوکسلات اتر با کاهندگی آب بالا در کنار حفظ اسلامپ مطلوب)

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High Quality Polycarboxylate Ether as Water Reducer / Slump Retention


– Concretes requiring long-term workability.

– Skyscrapers and large size buildings.

– Other concretes that need both initial dispersion and high performance for slump retention


Appearance Colorless or honey liquid
Solid Content (%) 50 ± 1
pH 5.5 ± 1.0
Specific Gravity (mg/L) 1.10 ± 0.02
Viscosity (cps) Max. 1000
Choloride Nil to BS507



– Good water reducing and slump retention.

– Good pumpability due to low viscosity of concrete.

– Ability to provide transparent white product

– Chloride free, safe for use in pre stressed and reinforced concrete.


Strusin Dragon-WSR501 has a minimum shelf life of 12 months provided the temperature is kept within the range of 5°C to 35° C Should the temperature of the product falls outside this range then contact STRUMIX for advice.